Instantly Beautify Any Room With Glass Mosaic Tiles February 04 2019

Glass tiles aren’t simply a recent design trend, they are here to stay for the long term. With so many home owners looking for a way to add their own unique touch to their living spaces, glass mosaic tiles have become a popular solution to customize a room.

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Glass tiles are available in a nearly endless array of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Glass mosaic tile can be purchased in single color sheets as well as mixes, and even gradients that once installed can give a wall a color fading effect. Because of the high demand and nearly endless range of options, the cost of glass mosaic tiles has also been drastically reduced when compared to their original cost. The majority of glass mosaic tiles can be purchased for between $10-$20 per square foot, and glass mosaics usually come mounted on a paper or mesh backed sheet equal to about one square foot, which makes calculating how much you will need for your project easy.

There are a few notable advantages of glass tile over comparable materials like stone, ceramic, or wood. First, glass tile is non-porous which means it won’t absorb any liquid and therefore it won’t stain, glass is easy to clean even if something gets splashed or spilled on it. Glass is very resilient, in fact if you look throughout history many ancient artefacts made of glass still exist in their original form, whereas stone, ceramic or wood pieces have vastly deteriorated. In addition to glass being non-porous and resilient it also has some unique properties that unlike its counterparts that absorb light, glass can reflect light and make a dull room appear brighter and larger.

Another benefit of glass tiles is that installation is not really any different than regular ceramic tile installation, the same wall adhesive or mortar is used to affix them, and the same non-sanded grout is used to fill in the gaps between the tiles. If you have laid ceramic tile, stone tile or any other mosaic tile before, installing glass mosaic tile will be a breeze.

As previously mentioned, glass mosaic tiles are available in a huge array of designs; however there are certain recent noteworthy trends that have been gaining ground in the world of glass tile. First, a linear random brick pattern with thin and long pieces of glass tile is very popular right now, likely due to it lending itself to a modern aesthetic as well as the fact that when the tiles are installed, it’s impossible to determine where the original seam was. Next, glass and stone mixes are becoming a hot item, the beauty and cleanliness of glass mixed with the wonderful natural colors and textures of natural stone is a welcome contrast that is finding its way into a lot of homes.

Glass tile isn’t just for the obvious kitchen or bathroom backsplash application but glass tiles are finding their way into other installations such as showers, tub splashes, tile borders as well as fireplace surrounds. In fact, glass mosaic tiles can pretty much be installed onto any surface, opening up a huge range of possibilities for this wonderful design material.

Whether you want to have a highly vibrant and colourful backsplash or a warm, comforting subtle look there are glass mosaic tiles available that are ready to be installed in your space and instantly beautify your room and your life.

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